Making a Sustainable future possible.

How we create a sustainable future

As Australia’s leading provider of waste management, we’re proud to be doing some extraordinary things.

While waste may seem like an ordinary part of everyday life, it has extraordinary potential. We look at all waste as a resource and we use our facilities and processes to transform it into valuable commodities for every sector, industry and community. By recovering these extraordinary raw resources and “closing the loop”, we’re proud to be making a sustainable future possible.

Areas of specialty

From ordinary household rubbish sitting in landfill, we’re able to capture 85% of the gas used to fire the brick kilns at Austral’s Horsley Park plant – an extraordinary 130 million bricks are produced, enough to build some 145,000 homes.

  • Transfer Station
  • Landfill
  • Gas
  • Electricity Generation

Over 230,000 tonnes of cardboard, over 14,000 tonnes of metal, and over 10,000 tonnes of plastics pass through our sorting facilities every year. From there, each commodity is ready to be used to create something extraordinary once again.

  • Material Recovery Facilities
  • Recyclable Commodities
  • Commodities Trading

Through our innovative processes of anaerobic digestion and composting, Cleanaway are able to produce over 100,000 tonnes of fertiliser and nurtrient-rich soil each year.

  • Anaerobic Digestion Composting
  • Compost, Fertilisers & Soils
  • Crops & Gardens

Nobody likes seeing food go to ‘waste’. We take the time to collect it before transforming it into nutrient-rich compost that in turn helps farmers feed crops and puts food back on the shelves.

  • Anaerobic Digestion Composting
  • Agriculture Applications Compost, Fertilisers & Soils
  • Crops & Gardens

The process of construction can be wasteful, but that doesn’t mean materials can’t go on to become something extraordinary once more. We sort, separate and process concrete, plasterboard, metals, tiles and timber ready to be used for countless purposes.

  • Resource Recovery
  • Recyclables & Aggregates
  • Commodities Trading

With facilities all over Australia, we separate waste from water, distill solvent waste into new solvents for sale, and transform septic waste into high quality compost.

  • Treatment
  • Solvents Water

You may just see sewage, but we see extraordinary potential. Every year, Cleanaway transform over 170,000 tonnes of… errr, waste... into eco-friendly fertilisers and soils for crops and gardens.

  • Anaerobic Digestion Agriculture Applications
  • Compost, Fertilisers & Soils
  • Crops & Gardens

Cleanaway are experts in the quarantine, treatment and disposal of materials that may otherwise have detrimental effects on all our health.

  • Treatment
  • Solvents Water Residuals & General Waste

From thousands of vehicles and workshops, we’re able to collect enough oil to offset Australia’s oil needs by an extraordinary 900,000 barrels per year, and produce a range of high-grade base and fuel oils.

  • Oil Refining Hydrogenation
  • Fuel Oil & Base Oils

We help customers
of all sizes.

When we assist your business with waste management, you’re helping us create a more sustainable future.

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